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Water cooled Cables

Suitable for high-current transmission, e.g. within melting and heating plants, e.g. in

  • arc, ladle, induction, reduction, vacuum or graphite furnaces
  • the steel, foundry, non-ferrous metal or glass melting industries
  • medium or high frequency current

We produce water-cooled cables with cross-sections up to 6000 mm² matched to their respective application, e.g. as

  • single or multiple conductor cables
  • hollow cables
  • with hose screw connectors or turning devices
  • high power cables for arc furnaces

Fast repair of all common types of cable also belongs to our service and delivery program.

Construction and applications
Single conductor cables manufactured in the cross-section ranges up to 1000 mm² and up to 1200 mm² as multiple conductor cables. Ideally suited for mains frequency applications, e.g. in induction plants in the steel, foundry, non-ferrous metal or glass melting industries, but applications are also feasible in graphite furnaces. Our cables are used wherever high currents are transmitted with relocatable loads or in adverse deployment conditions in heating operations. As a result of the construction selected for the inside conductor, combined with the special water-cooling hoses and our manufacturing technology, we offer extremely flexible, space-saving components for high current transmission.

Connectors and cooling
All standard connectors are manufactured from E-Cu material and are crimped on the E-Cu conductor without soldering. Using druseidt crimping technology, only materials of the same conductance value are connected together, without the use of additional materials, such as solder or welding additives. This ensures the best possible loss-free current transmission. The geometry and positioning of crimping facilitates the best possible coolant water throughput.

Coolant water connection holes / hose nipples
Thread holes of a sufficient size are made in the connectors to hold hose nipples. The cable is delivered without nipples as standard. These can be additionally ordered as accessories. It is also possible to set the cooling holes at other orientations than the standard 90° or to change the thread size.

Coolant water hoses
The flexible coolant water hoses we use are fitted with additional heat protection against radiated heat and liquid metal splashing. The hose casing is flame retardant and self-extinguishing. The breakdown rating is 6 kV/mm. The maximum permissible operating pressure for the cable is 6 bar. All cables are tested with a pressure of 10 bar prior to shipping.

Cable with additional shims
To ensure secure fixture, especially in the case of long water-cooled high-current cables, all single conductor cables can be fitted with one or more shims. These additional solid parts fitted in the conductor guarantee easy fitting at the labelled points by means of clamping or holding devices. Squeezing the hose together and the ensuing damage, as well as the reduction in water flow throughput, are thereby avoided.

Special designs and cable repairs
In addition to our standard designs, we also manufacture all cable cross-sections with connectors, as well as offering customised designs (e.g. replacement parts for all common electro-furnaces from the well-known manufacturers). We also undertake cable repairs at short notice, both for our cables and those of other manufacturers.


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