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Solderless Connectors

We offer you a wide range of modern storaged parts of installation material with suitable crimping technology and also the needed accessories. You need only one supplier for covering your whole requirements.

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Solderless crimping of cable lugs and connectors

A solderless crimp connection is a permanent electrical and mechanical connection between a cable and a cable lug or connector without solder. This process creates an irreversible material deformation and consequently cannot be reused and crimped again. The quality of crimped connections in cables is very important, as improperly performed crimping operations can lead to costly damages or problems. For example: repairs, equipment down-times, short circuits and even fire or personal injuries. To professionally crimp cables with the best results, it is critical that the stripped cables’ outside diameter and the inside diameter of the cable lug or connector sleeve be the same size or as close as possible - as in European Standards. It should be noted that there is a minimum volume of stripped cable required to fill the inside diameter of a lug/connector sleeve in order to optimize the degree of compression when crimped. Additionally, it is very important that the cable/conductor, cable lug/connector sleeve and crimping die all be in exact alignment with each other. Requirements for crimping and compression connectors are regulated according to the following European Standards:

  • DIN EN 60352-2
  • DIN EN 60947-1
  • DIN EN 60999-1
  • DIN EN 61238-1
  • DIN EN 61210

These regulations define minimum standards. Druseidt is concerned with development and improvement in the field of crimping technology in order to minimize the electrical losses and to optimize the life of electrical connections. Druseidt constantly works in the field of high current transmission and performs in-house crimping operations of cross-sections up to 7000 mm². Due to faulty cable connections creating substantial damage in the past, some customers have implemented their own quality assurance/quality control standards in addition to the DIN EN-standards regarding solderless crimped connections. Examples of additional standards developed in-house include minimum compression values up to 95% and minimum values for the sizes of the crimped areas. The aim is to produce connections with the highest possible degree of compaction while minimizing electrical resistance, in order to create an environment that extends the life of the connection.

User support

Installers and users of cable connection equipment are responsible for ensuring that they work in accordance to their industries’ technical standards that should be documented. This documentation supports the professional standards they maintain in the event that they may be required to prove it. Druseidt customer support is provided not only through delivery of high quality cable connectors and crimping tools but also through the introduction and maintenance of a suitable Quality-Management-System. We are able to do the following tests and measurements in our laboratory:

  • Inspection and measurement of the electrical conductivity of cable lugs and connectors - including the exact material composition
  • Measurement of the electrical resistance
  • Pull tests
  • Production of ground surface pattern samples – to evaluate, analyze and assess the degree of compaction of the crimped area microscopically
  • Creation of appropriate test reports as per customer requirements

Druseidt is able to match almost any cable with the correct cable connectors from their extensive product range, as they have all been tested and documented. By supplying tested and approved tools with the correct cable connectors it is possible to guarantee and document the quality of the cable connection. Druseidt’s testing, documentation and capabilities can create an auditable standard for customers to follow, to support and prove the crimping procedures they use. Druseidt also offers support to its customers by creating in-house instructions as well as training for their employees. Many customers have us use our in-house testing capabilities to evaluate their existing electrical connections. Crimped cable samples can be analyzed and their level of quality verified in a report, while optionally offering suggestions for optimization. We are available to answer any inquiries regarding your electrical cables and connections.

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