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Connectors/ Plugs/ Mounting AccessoriesSolderless Connectors>
Connectors/Plugs/Mounting Accessories

In this product section we offer a wide range of connectors and clambs and accessories. Beside the regular standard-types we have a lot of special designs in stock.

For part-details please refer to the Catalog-download or our Online-Shop.

Basically this range is seperated in the follwing sections:

Plug-in and flat terminals

  • Plug-in/socket terminal strips
  • Double and flat screw terminals
  • Tab connectors
  • Tab connectors for soldering into PC-boards

Connectors and material for switch board application

  • Insulators
  • Tap off clamps
  • Joint clamps
  • Universal- and brace terminals
  • Earth and neutral busbars
  • Main branch terminals

High current plugs and sockets

  • Insulated high current connectors
  • Plugs and sockets with thread connection
  • Plugs and sockets with crimp connection
  • Ready assembled cables with plug connectors
  • Sockets with rated current up to 5000 A

Battery clamps and clips

  • Battery clamps DIN 72331
  • Battery clamps DIN 72332
  • Compression battery clamps
  • Battery clamps up to 120 mm²
  • Universal battery clamps
  • Battery clips 6-50 A
  • Battery clips with insulated/fully insulated handles up to 600 A
  • Battery clips with insulated/fully insulated handles up to 1000 A
  • Jump loads
  • Twin plug and socket connectors DIN 43589

Connectors and accessories for test bag and switch board application

  • 4 mm Ø connectors 30 V AC / 60 V DC
  • 4 mm Ø safety program 1000 V
  • Flat connection clamps
  • Adapter for voltage and current measurements
  • 6 mm Ø connectors
  • Binding posts 16-400 A
  • Lead through bolts 16-400 A

Installation material

  • Cable ties and accessories
  • Neoprene sleeves with sleeve expanders
  • Insulating sleeves for tabs and receptacles
  • Contact grease and cleaning sprays
  • Contact modules for high current applications


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