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Crimping tools, Cutting tools an Stripping toolsSolderless Connectors>
Crimping tools, Cutting tools and Stripping tools

In this product section we offer a wide range of high-quality tools.

For part-details please refer to the Catalog-download or our Online-Shop.

Basically this range is seperated in the follwing sections:

Cutting tools for Alu- and copper conductors

  • Normal hand cable cutters up to 50 mm Ø
  • Hand cable cutters with ratchet up to 80 mm Ø
  • Hydraulic operated cable cutter up to 90 mm Ø
  • Battery-operated cutting tool up to 54 mm Ø
  • Universal cutter

Stripping tools

  • Stripping tools for PVC cables 0,08-16 mm²
  • Stripping tools for Teflon insulated cables 0,05-4 mm²
  • Stripping tool for coaxial cables
  • Stripping-knife

Crimping tools

  • For cable end sleeves
  • For cable end sleeves/strip form
  • For insulated cable lugs
  • For uninsulated tabs and receptacles
  • For uninsulated cable lugs and connectors
  • For coaxial cables

Crimping tools with exchangeable die-sets

  • Tools with ratchet
  • Hydraulic operated tools
  • Battery operated crimping tool
  • Electric driven hydraulic pumps


  • Electrical operated crimping machine

Tool sets

  • Crimping set for cable end sleeves in strip form
  • Profi crimp set
  • Tool sets
  • Crimpset with locators
  • Crimp sets linear-crimping
  • Crimp set for coaxial cables

Electronic pliers

Insulated pliers


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