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High Current Contactors for work rod systems

Some Features of Druseidt High Current Contactors
Contactors used around tanks in galvanising or anodising operations are subject to high levels of electrical, mechanical and sometimes chemical loads. For long lasting operation, these components must retain low transfer resistance to ensure current dependent tank parameters and also to avoid energy loss. Based on these requirements, druseidt has been developing and producing various contact systems which enable economic energy use and are also suitable for fully automatic and maintenance free operation.

New: Cost-optimized druseidt-contact-system as mechanically or pneumatically driven configuration in well-tried quality.

The following features make druseidt contact systems stand out:

  • Direct current transfer from the contact to the bus-bars by utilising large surfaces and a high number of current transfer points.
  • High conductivity with small installation space.
  • Stable construction which meets mechanical demands.
  • Higher contact pressure but still effortless mounting on bars (e. g. with its own weight).
  • Contacts can be protected from aggressive elements with the use of an A4 stainless steel protective cover. This also gives the unit a more solid mechanical structure.
  • Different contact systems, self tightening as well as pneumatic, are constructed modularly. This allows the simple exchange of worn out parts. Depending on the layout of the system, existing situations can be changed or updated according to requirements.
  • Fast and inexpensive installation and deinstallation as well as quick and easy part replacement.
  • Maintenance friendly construction.

We also produce contact systems which enable problem free clamping for damaged or stretched bus-bars. This allows you to modernise your older systems, e.g. in anodising or hard chrome systems, without having to replace existing work rods.

Selecting the Suitable Contacts and Current Transfer Elements
Current transfer elements in the galvanising branch are bombarded with mechanical and chemical stress as well as the electrical load. In order to choose proper components for the respective job, these criteria must be taken into account.

In order to offer the best possible current transfer solution for your individual application, please contact us. Our support professionals will be glad to provide consultation to support your plans.

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