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High Current Carbon Brushes with Special Holders
High current carbon brushes are current transfer elements that continually transfer electrical current from a static component to a moving component or in the opposing direction. These are mainly used to transfer current to a collector such as cylinders, round contacts, etc. We produce and supply high quality heavy duty brush contacts with the respective housings, holders and current supply lines. The dimensioning of these brushes and the type of holder are chosen according to the application and its environment. The quality of carbon is produced using a special procedure which is recognized for is highly specific current load capacities per cm² surface (30-35 A/cm²). To keep voltage drops, especially when working with low voltages, to a bare minimum and guarantee good heat discharge, the surface area of the carbon brushes which actually makes contact should be as large as possible. This has proven itself in applications where several smaller high current carbon brushes per contact point were used instead of one large cross section. To keep the brushes in position, various special holding devices are available such as a single holder, multiple holders or telescopic holder versions. If more current collectors are run, parallel to one-another, then the current load per brush should be reduced by approximately 10-15 %.

Main Areas of Application
Our high current carbon brushes with holders are normally used:

  • in the electrolytic coating of sheets, plates and wires
    (e.g. galvanising sheets in a rolling mill)
  • in galvanising equipment
    (e.g. copper plating pressure cylinders, chroming rolls)
  • in electrophoresis plating for car bodies or other sheet metal parts
    (e.g. Painting system in the auto manufacturing industry)
  • in other systems where high current must be transferred to moving pieces
    (e.g. mechanical engineering systems, welding systems, wire annealing systems, etc.)


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