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Devices for Tank Heating and controlContact Systems for plating>
Devices for Tank Heating and control

As well as contact technology, heating and regulating devices are also important in order to achieve a high level of metal treatment quality. We therefore also offer you a broad range of devices in this product segment.

The following product groups are available for you:

  • Safety – Immersion Heater ROTKAPPE®
  • Safety – Angled Immersion Heater ROTKAPPE®
  • Accessories for Immersion Heaters
  • PTFE-Heating Rods Galmaflex/Galmaform
  • Safety – Flat Immersion Heater ROTAFLON®
  • Temperature Controllers
  • Immersion Heaters with Built-in Temperature Controllers
  • Rotkopf Rod Type Thermostats
  • Microprocessor Controlled Temperature Regulators
  • Temperature Sensors
  • Float Switches for Determining Liquid Levels
  • Electronic Regulators with Rod-types Level Probes for Dry-Running Protection and Level-Regulation


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