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Switching Devices and mounting accessories

Switching Devices
We offer you a broad range of switching device and mounting accessories to round off our delivery program for electroplating / eloxal coating technology. In this product range, we offer you a wealth of off switches, isolation switches and pole changing switches in various designs. Devices are available to you for

  • manual activation
  • pneumatic activation
  • motor activation

We would also be pleased to develop individual solutions for you in this range.

Mounting accessories
In this product segment we offer you a multitude of accessory parts for the electroplating range. Hence our delivery program includes:

  • Small Contacts
  • Stamped Contact Plates
  • Insulated Feet for Tanks
  • Insulators – Doubled Hexagonal Design
  • Hexagon Headed Bolts acc. DIN 931/DIN 933
  • Insulated Inserts made of Epoxy Glass Hard Resin
  • Threaded Rods
  • Friction Washers DIN 6796
  • Hexagon Nuts DIN 934
  • Lock Washers
  • Spring Washers DIN 127 B
  • Spring Washers DIN 6798
  • Wing Nuts acc. DIN 315 and American Format
  • Hard Rubber Repair Kit
  • Cold Insulating Compound Plastistal
  • Contact- and Heating Grease
  • Protective, Maintenance and Cleaning Sprays


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